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I’ve been inconsistent on posting to this blog, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing! For the New Year I gave myself a Sketch A Day challenge in 2014. I’ve done this in years past, with varying degrees of success, but it’s one of those things that I really think is more about the effort than the goal.


Anyways, I’ve actually done pretty good so far, and haven’t missed a day in my first couple months. I owe a lot of this to my decision to not overthink it this time around. Anything that is drawing can count, be it quick doodle or comic page or full fledged solo illustration. I’ve started a Tumblr to document this effort, in addition to being a quick post blog. So if you’re wanting to get an art fix or check in on what I’ve been up to, that might be a good place to start!









Hourlies and Dailies

 It’s nearly upon us! The Day draws ever nearer! Put your affairs in order and ready yourself for The Event!

No, no, not the Apocalypse. Much better. Hourly Comics Day!
For those unaware, HCD is an annual web event, created by artist John Campbell, where individuals all over the world (artful and non alike) chronicle every hour of their own February 1st with a very quick and and simple comic.  More details can be found here. In edition, be sure to check out archives of the last several years on the forum, which is also where this year’s comics will be submitted (thread forthcoming.)
Regardless of whether you consider yourself a cartoonist or you are bashful to post a play by play of your life to the entire internet, I highly recommend doing these. Even if just as a personal log. I’ve participated for the past three years, and these comics have become some of my most valued creations, capturing both an entire day of my life and the mindset of myself whilst chronicling it. It is like a multi-layered journal entry, a mental landmark if you will, to which I can look back now and judge just how far I have traveled and grown. Yes, that is a bit deep and sentimental, but truly, these things are pretty cool.
In addition, after I finished last year’s Hourlies, I so enjoyed the journaling effect that I decide to go on with it for the rest of the month. I find the idea of day to day Hourlies to be quite daunting, so instead I decided to jot down one moment from each day throughout February. As you can see below, I didn’t quite make it, somehow dropping the ball just three days short (whether from inability or apathy, I cannot remember) but I’m steeling myself to try to meet the goal this year.
Last Year’s Dailies for February
(click for a larger image, and previous and next from that page to navigate)
Wow, my handwriting really doesn’t hold up to that much magnification. Toddler scratchings!
Anyway, I hope you’ll consider doing some Hourlies yourself this year, and let me know if you do!

“Brain Pump” Creation

The image I’m using for my welcome mat and banners (tentatively entitled “Brain Pump”?) was something that came to me whilst doodling. I was dissecting a few of my sketches, and realized how strongly influenced they were by several of my favorite artists and cartoons from youth. I’ve met many artists who seem to bristle at the idea of their work being “derivative,” but I find that rather ridiculous. Certainly, you shouldn’t be flat-out copying someone elses art or style, but to pretend that your drawing of wacky aliens isn’t in some way influenced by your love of Star Wars or Star Trek or what-have-you, well…that’s silly. Even as artists, we are all the sum of our parts.
Anyhow, these were the thoughts in my head as I worked on this illustration. I had a good time filling my Brain Tank with representatives of my influences, though I’m sure I missed quite a few. Here a few process shots of my montages:
I’ll do a more in-depth post on my techniques at a later point, but as you can see, I am a member of the Red Pencil Under Inks school of art. As far as the inking itself goes, for something with this size and level of detail, you just can’t beat dipping a nice nib pen into some Dr Ph. Martin’s india ink. Here are the final inks, before they hit the scanner:
I will be the first to admit, my digital art skills are fairly rudimentary. I work mostly in Photoshop, which I’ve begun to realize might not be the best program for my style, and I’m almost entirely self-taught in it. But it seems to get me by, as long as I’m willing to stay at the desk for a long time.  This piece was a bit more ambitious than some. I typically just use PS to clean up pencils and slap a nice border on pics. This time, not only did I add some color, I also separated out part of the inks, so that I could do the Inkflow in a stark black, and a lighter charcoal for the rest of the pic. I really wanted to make the Inkflow in the picture stand out, though I have mixed feelings on the result.
I welcome your thoughts on this!