Trimming the Tree

As a fervent fan of the festive spirit, I recently picked up a cool little mini-evergreen, live and all, to spruce up my home (alliteration AND puns? oh my!). And to make it extra cool, I handmade a bunch of ornaments, with the valued aid of Allison. I did goofy quick sketches on the fronts, and she did cool paint-pen abstracts on the back. I’m pretty happy with our results!

It was a ton of fun making these, not just due to the company, but also because lately  I seem to find less and less time to make funny drawings, without thought toward their longterm application. It was also a bit challenging, since I rarely let myself work entirely with ink, and no pencil or pre-sketch safety net. Some are better than others, but they were all enjoyable. All in all, a grand time.

Placing that last ornament.

Enjoy your Decembers, make them fun!