Aqua Vastum

2013-05-04 11.39.14

For my FCBD mini-comic this year I had been planning one of my typical whimsy-laden picture books, complete with broken verse and adorable protagonists. However, a couple weeks before the event I attended a local Community Cinema showing of “The Island President.” The film illuminated many facets of our modern environmental situation that I have somehow managed to ignore, or at least kept at arm’s length. When it was all shown to me at such a personal and immediate scale, they leapt into focus. It became important that I somehow capture my feelings on the matter, so as to remind me later when it all seemed less pressing, and that night I went home and click-clacked a manic e-mail to myself. The next day I refined those ramblings into the script for “Aqua Vastum,” which I hope can convey unto you some of the intensity I felt that evening.

If you haven’t checked into Community Cinema programs in your area, I highly recommend it, I have yet to attend a showing that didn’t spark conversations for weeks to come. And I especially appreciate WCTE for putting on our local showings here in Cookeville.

If you would like to print copies of “Aqua Vastum” for educational purposes, please contact me and I will be glad to get you a pdf. I’ve also set up a quick link for this post, at , if you’d like a fast way to share the comic.

Thanks for reading!


“We The People” mini-comic

Here is a mini-comic I created in an attempt to condense my concerns over our current political climate. While the comic itself was initiated by my train of thought after Obama’s DNC speech (and yes, I am a bit slow getting this out:) it truly is a Party neutral editorial, dealing more with the concern and civic responsibility we voters should have when approaching this election. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if it resounds with you at all, please pass it along.


Vampires on Parade

I’ve been lucky enough these last few years to get occasional illustration work from my pal Chuck  at The Oracle. One of my favorite things about working with him is his vague parameters and willingness to print pretty much anything I send him. Case in point: my assignment for the October 28th issue was “Something to go with a How-To article on making fake blood.” Included was the recipe, which involved insane amounts of corn syrup and cocoa powder. And so, I decided to add “Soon-to-be-Diabetic Hipster” to the rolecall of notable vampires.

Done with dip pen and ink, then cleaned up and framed in Photoshop. This is the first time I’ve played with that particular hatching pattern (unabashedly influenced by this awesome Mike Holmes drawing) and I am A Fan. Here are a few process shots and close-ups:

And just to add a little extra meat to this post, here are some of my Oracle comics from the past. Enjoy!